Panoramic/panorama photo looking across Lake Okanagan at Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Lake Okanagan and Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

How can I buy a photo?
My photos are available to purchase as digital downloads.  To do this, visit my Alamy stock photography portfolio.  To find a photo once there, you can:
➙ scroll through all the photos
➙ look in the collections (i.e. click on a tab), or
➙ type in the SECOND search field from the top where it says "Search for an image ..." - in other words, NOT the top search field, but the one below my name to search just my photos, not everything on Alamy; see image below.
Once you find a photo, click on it to view your digital download pricing options.
How can I buy a print of a photo?
Once you buy a digital download from my Alamy stock photography portfolio, submit the file to your own choice of print shop or, if you want to order prints through me instead, contact me and we can discuss pricing.
Why can't I just buy a digital download directly from this site?
Setting up digital downloads on this site would be a lot bigger hassle because, the way it would work, is that we would need to negotiate the licensing terms back and forth.  Alamy is the home of my stock photography portfolio and they already have all the pricing and licensing terms set up.  It is therefore a lot simpler for you to buy the download through them.  In short, I would be "re-inventing the wheel" by setting up digital downloads on this site and the result would be more time and hassle for you and me.
Do you do photo shoots?
I am typically free-lance, but I will consider photo shoots upon special request.  I have done:
➙ Location shoots - individuals and families, athletic events, concerts, drama productions
➙ Studio sessions - on-location and in-home
➙ Business product photography - click here to view a business site designed with my product photography. 
Contact me to discuss options. 
Do you do any instruction?
I have done some formal and informal instruction in the past.  With my formal teaching background and extensive photographic experience (including post-processing, and web and graphic design), I would be able to tailor a very informative session or series of sessions.  Contact me to discuss options.
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